Andrew + Shaina Barella - Owners

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Hi all!

Thank you for welcoming us into your parkour family! We feel blessed and honored to follow in the footsteps of Matt and Whitney. We have watched the gym grow over the last 8 1/2 years as close friends of the Antis Family and we are excited about the future of RVPK Beaverton!

We are eager to learn more about the art of parkour and freerunning as are our 3 active children. Our heart and desire is to help and encourage all people to grow in health and movement. We look forward to working with you and hope to meet you all soon! 

Thank you,

Andrew & Shaina Barella


Rick King - Head Parkour Instructor

Through childhood, Rick had always felt efficiency was one of the greatest virtues a human can strive for. He happened across the idea of parkour while surfing the web one day and its core principals struck a chord with him. He immediately started looking for classes around Portland and found Revolution Parkour.

At the time, he had no idea how rare parkour teachers were or how lucky he was to find one nearby, but now he works to spread parkour like his first teacher, Adam Dunlap. He works to teach the value of efficiency in everything he does.

The most important thing about RVPK to him is the emotional drive it gives him to surpass himself.

Andrew Brucks - Manager


Ever since Andrew can remember he has been climbing and jumping as much as he can. He started parkour back in 2008 when Adam Dunlap was teaching classes at the Adapt gym. Since then it has become a huge part of his life and self identity. Parkour gives Andrew an outlet for his endless energy and a way to always be pushing himself to his best potential. 

Andrew has been training at Revolution Parkour since it opened and is now the Assistant Manager, helping keep the gym running smoothly. 




Mike moved to the Portland area from Michigan in 2012 to work as a paramedic. In Michigan Mike had worked as an EMT and fire fighter but moved to begin a new career. Mike had always dreamed of being a ninja growing up, but struggled to find a discipline that he fit into. After reading about and watching many videos about parkour he found RVPK, and immediately was hooked. He had found the way of training he was looking for--a safe, organized, and fun place to train. "Parkour has changed the direction of my life, and all for the best. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to live my passion, and to pass on the lessons to the students of the gym."

Victor Kojenov - Parkour Instructor


Victor found parkour in 6th grade through a YouTube video of Latvian Traceurs shared over a dinner with family friends. Shortly after, he began training on his own, and joined Revolution Parkour after its April 2010 grand opening.

Since then, his training has focused strongly on parkour as a tool to overcome obstacles, both physical obstacles in point A to B courses and his childhood fear of heights. Currently, Victor is studying mechanical engineering at Portland State and hopes to continue teaching and training parkour for the rest of his life.

Josh Miller - Parkour Instructor + Head Freerunning Instructor


Josh started parkour in grade school at Revolution Parkour Beaverton. His outdoor training hours are unmatched by anyone else at RVPK. His ability and evidence of hard training are displayed in his fluid and powerful style of parkour as well as his high level freerunning acrobatics, air awareness and his specialty—bails.

When Josh isn’t training he can be found watching parkour videos, planning his next trip to a Jam, planning his next training session or playing guitar in his band. But, you’ll probably find him doing more training.

Josh has taught parkour since March 2017 and hopes to pass on his personal style of training through progressing through challenges and seeing the whole world like it’s your own personal gym.

Garrison Davis - Parkour Instructor + Head Junior Parkour Instructor


For as long as he can remember, Garrison has always had a passion for learning new skills and ideas. When he moved from Canada to Portland, he almost immediately started taking parkour classes. He saw parkour as the perfect combination of physical and mental challenges with plenty of practical application. Parkour has not only given Garrison new outlooks on problem solving and efficiency, but also the philosophy of parkour constantly pushes him to be more capable.

When he isn’t teaching (which he’s been doing since March 2017) or training at RVPK he’s probably cooking, cosplaying, writing scripts then making short films, and learning about random stuff that he claims is somehow useful.

Bobby Tabb - Parkour Instructor

Bobby is a husband, dad, a first grade teacher and a chess and basketball coach. He’s been teaching first or second grade since 2005.  He has a background in running camps and was on staff at two different summer camps for a total of four years. His life was changed forever on his last year of camps when he met his wife Emily. They now have three kids together.  Bobby who started parkour at the end of 2015 loves the variety and limitless challenges offered by parkour training.

Ben Tolley - Front Desk Clerk

In 2013 while Ben was living in Kenya his mother showed him a parkour video and he instantly fell in love. He began teaching himself through video tutorials but always wished for more people that he could train with. When Ben moved to Oregon in 2017 he was looking for a community to push him and help him become the best traceur he could be.

He quickly found Revolution Parkour and his perception of parkour changed from an activity to a lifestyle. He now tries to incorporate the mentalities and philosophy of parkour into his daily life by treating every challenge as an obstacle to be overcome.
Ben loves training outside and finding creative and technical ways to flow through his environment.

When not at the front desk helping students you can find him training around the Portland area or pursuing his bachelors degree in physics.


Eric Dacosta Manilla - Front Desk Clerk


Originally from California's Bay Area, Eric moved to Oregon in 2006. Eric has loved drawing and art, continuing to this very day, and always been fascinated by martial arts, and began Taekwondo in 2010. After reaching a Green Belt, he felt that martial arts was too structured, disliked sparring, and felt no sense of freedom.

Eric took some time off from martial arts and began picking up video games, where he found his obsession for Assassin's Creed. Once again fascinated by the movements and athleticism in the game, he turned to YouTube to find out how to replicate the moves. That's where he learned about Parkour, and began his training at Revolution Parkour in 2013, and has become a part of the RVPK staff in 2018, using his artistic abilities to help Revolution Parkour's merchandise, branding, and artwork pieces.

When Eric is not training, he's studying at Portland State University, playing video games, or spending time with his girlfriend of 10 years.

Raiden Westerman - Front Desk Clerk


Raiden started taking parkour classes at Revolution Parkour in 2010. He attends Portland State University and his hobbies are parkour, movies and video games. When he graduates from college he plans to begin training to earn his pilot’s license.


Chris Carlson - Front Desk Clerk


Always full of energy but not sure where to apply it, Chris finally found a passion in parkour, inspired - like many others at the gym - first by video games, but shortly thereafter by the incredibly talented and knowledgeable staff at RVPK Beaverton. After a summer of studying abroad in Seoul, Chris almost immediately joined the RVPK staff after returning in August 2018, bringing with him a knowledge of parkour not just from his previous two years of training at the gym but also from his engagement abroad with the parkour communities of South Korea and Europe. 

As a high schooler and avid student of IB, Chris spends the majority of his time dedicated to schoolwork, but places equal value in his parkour training as a way to grow, learn, and overall spur him to become a better person. He greatly values the close bonding and camaraderie of the gym’s community, and should you catch him around the gym, he’d be happy to talk about anything, from favorite Portland restaurants to niche photography tips. His greatest interest, of course, is languages, and having studied both Spanish and Korean outside of school, he’s happy to try conversing in any of the three languages he knows (so far.)

Will Neuhauser - Parkour Instructor


Before spending 30 years in the software and finance industry, Will was active in the outdoors including teaching college students the basics of rock climbing, mountaineering, orienteering and cross-country skiing.  In the early 1990s he had a start-up business that developed a suite of CD-ROM based instructional materials on mountain biking, fly fishing and rock climbing. 

In 2013, when his son tired of the rock gym, Will looked for another active alternative and found Revolution Parkour -- walking distance from his daughter's fencing gym!  After a month, Will joined the beginner class and has been doing parkour ever since.  At over 60 years old he says he is substantially stronger and more flexible and agile than ever, especially in all the major joints.  He became a RVPK certified instructor in 2018.  Will believes that every student has different strengths, mind-sets, and natural preferences.  He enjoys helping them find ways to build on what they are good at and identifying individualized progressions that fit their natural abilities so they can master the varied skills required of an all-around parkour tracer. 

Will also lived in Paris, France for three years and still loves french cheeses and is wine lover.  In the community, he also volunteers on a non-profit boards and state commissions.



Revolution Parkour (RVPK) Beaverton is dedicated to teaching parkour. While demonstrating respect and knowledge the RVPK instructor’s balance the teaching of proper parkour technique along with its philosophy and purpose, with training the physical condition comprised of strength, range of motion, aerobic endurance, bone density, joint alignment, and structural efficiency. Whether learning, training, or performing, parkour is first and foremost always safe, and keeping our students injury free through proper training and instruction is our number one priority.


RVPK was started in 2008 as one of the largest and longest established parkour gyms in the United States. In 2011 Revolution Parkour, under new ownership, underwent an extensive remodel and continues to be one of the most versatile parkour facilities. As the RVPK students continue to grow in ability, multiple students have since become instructors allowing more students to learn parkour across the greater Portland areas.



“Parkour is a method of training which allows us to overcome obstacles, both in the urban and natural environments. It’s a weapon in disguise. We train… and when one day we encounter a problem, we know that we are able to use it.  It can be the art of flight, of the chase, of helping someone with a problem, something ordinary.” – David Belle

David Belle

David Belle (born 29 April 1973) is well known as the founder of parkour. Belle founded parkour based on his training and the teachings from his father Raymond Belle. The discipline has since spread around the world and now has adherents in virtually every country. Belle is also an actor and choreographer, and he is well known for his work incorporating parkour into films such as in Brick Mansions, District B13, Babylon A.D., and Prince of Persia.

Revolution Parkour gives respect to David Belle as the founder of parkour and they listen to what he says about the discipline. “If we don’t demonstrate respect where it is due then how can we expect our students to respect us? If there is no respect then you can’t have Parkour, because without respecting each other or your surroundings there would be no environment to train in.” –Matt Antis

To learn more about David Belle click here to visit his website.